Roman - God of war. Son of Mars and Rhea Silvia or Ilia. Twin brother of Remus. Husband of Hersilia. In an early version, Tarchetius, a king of Alba Longa, ordered his daughter to mate with a phantom phallus of Vulcan seen in the flames of his fire. She made a servant girl take her place and the result of this union was the birth of the twins, Romulus and Remus. In this version, they were given to Teratius to be killed but he left them on the bank of the Tiber. In another version they were the sons of Rhea Silvia who was raped by Mars and they were abandoned in a basket on the banks of the Tiber or, some say, cast adrift on its waters. They were found, under the fig-tree Ruminalis, by the herdsman Faustulus and reared by a she-wolf. They later killed Amulius who had usurped the throne from their grandfather, Numitor, and restored him to the throne. Romulus later killed his brother for jumping over the walls of the newlyfounded city and became king of Rome, countering the shortage of women in his new city by abducting the Sabine women. During a battle with the Etruscans he was taken up to heaven as the god magistrates and senators, tired of his demands, had him killed during an eclipse and pretended that he had been transported up to heaven. Romulus and Remus are traditionally regarded as the founders of Rome. Occasionally known as Romulus, Quirinus or Quirinus.
Roman - A poem by Plutarch. Sometimes identified as Romulus, Quirinus or Quirinus.

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