European - A Christian knight. Duke of Risa. Husband of Galaciella. Father of Marphisa and Rogero. He secretly married Galaciella, daughter of the Sultan of Africa, and she became a Christian. Her father sent them into exile and cast their infant children adrift in a boat. Occasionally known as Rogero.
European - Son of Rogero and Galaciella. Twin brother of Marphisa. Husband of Bradamante. In some accounts, his mother was killed by Agolant and he was raised by a lioness. Others say that he and his twin sister were cast adrift in a boat by their grandfather, the Sultan of Africa. They were rescued by the magician Atlantes who reared Rogero after Marphisa had been stolen by an Arab chieftain. It was said that Rogero was directly descended from Hector of Troy and was kept in seclusion by Atlantes. As an adult, he was induced to join forces with Agramant for the invasion of France and was given a horse, Frontino, and a sword. He met Rinaldo in single combat but they became separated in the confusion of battle. He then came across two knights in combat and intervened. They turned out to be Rodomont and the warrior-maid Bradamante. He and Bradamante were attacked by a group of knights but, although she was wounded, they routed their attackers. When he met Mandricardo, who claimed to have won the armour of Hector, they fought to decide which had the right to bear the arms of Troy but Gradasso intervened to claim an equal right, having been the defender of Hector's armour. The quarrel was settled when Florismart promised to lead them to Roland who had the sword Durindana, sought by Mandricardo. En route, a dwarf asked them for help to rescue his master's daughter who had been abducted by an enchanter riding a winged horse. Rogero and Gradasso went off with him to rescue the maiden but were themselves trapped by the same enchanter who was, in fact, Rogero's foster-father, Atlantes, who was still trying to shield Rogero from danger. Rogero was rescued by Bradamante but when he tried to ride the hippogriff used by Atlantes he was carried off and separated from his lady-love. When the beast landed, Rogero discovered Astolpho who had been turned into a myrtle by Alcina and restored him to his normal form. He flew on and saw Angelica bound to a rock off the island of Ebuda as a sacrifice to the orc and rescued her. She used her magic to disappear and the hippogriff flew off leaving Rogero to proceed on foot. He came across a knight, apparently Bradamante, being attacked by a giant and followed the giant when he ran off. This was another illusion arranged by Atlantes and Rogero was again entrapped in an enchanted palace where he found Ferrau, Florismart, Gradasso, Roland and others. When the real Bradamante came to his rescue once again, she too was trapped but Astolpho, protected by the book and horn given to him by Logestilla, rescued all of them. Bradamante agreed to marry him if he would embrace the Christian faith. En route to his baptism he met Mandricardo who now had the sword Durindana and they fell to quarrelling over it. Gradasso also claimed it and the emperor, Agramant, ordered a contest to settle the matter. Rogero, acting for himself and Gradasso, killed Mandricardo but the sword was awarded to Gradasso. Rogero had been badly wounded in the fight and was nursed by his sister, Marphisa, who fell in love with him not realising that he was her brother. When Agramant proposed a truce with Charlemagne so that he could return to deal with an attack on his capital, Biserta by an Abyssinian army led by Astolpho, Rogero was chosen to fight Rinaldo in single combat to decide the war. Their fight was interrupted when Melissa, in the guise of Rodomont, started an attack on the Christian forces, so breaking the truce. Battle resumed but ended when Agramant withdrew his forces to return to the defence of Biserta. Rogero sailed for Africa with Agramant's forces but his ship was wrecked on an island and he entered a hermitage where he was baptised. Later, Roland arrived with Rinaldo and the wounded knights, Oliver and Sobrino, both of whom were cured by the hermit. Rogero then returned with his friends to France where he learned that Constantine the Greek emperor had demanded Bradamante as a wife for his son Leo. Rogero set out to challenge Leo's right to Bradamante's hand and was captured after killing many of the Greeks besieging Belgrade. He was handed over to Theodora, the emperor's sister, whose son was one of those killed by Rogero. He was released by Leo who had come to admire his skill and valour on the battlefield and, in return, Rogero promised to fight Bradamante, as Leo, to win her hand for the prince, even though he loved her himself. He won the contest and departed, leaving Leo to claim his bride. He was found by Leo, who, moved by his story, gave up his claim to Bradamante who finally married Rogero. At their wedding, Rodomont accused Rogero, in front of the emperor, of being a traitor to his original master, Agramant. For this, Rogero killed him in single combat. For his valour at the siege of Belgrade he was made king of Bulgaria on the death of the old king. Occasionally called Rogero.

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