European - King of Algiers. Son of Ulien. Impatient at the delay when Agramant, Emperor of Africa, planned to invade France, Rodomont led his own expedition, joining forces with Marsilius who had invaded from Spain. He fought in single combat with Rinaldo but the bout was inconclusive. He then engaged another knight who turned out to be the warrior-maid, Bradamante, but they were separated by Rogero. When he met Isabella en route to a monastery with the body of her husband Zerbino, he tried to persuade her to go with him. She offered instead a herbal remedy that would make him invulnerable. She smeared the liquid over her neck and invited him to strike her with his sword to prove its effectiveness. It was, of course, a ruse to escape his clutches and the sword-stroke cut off her head. In remorse, Rodomont built a chapel to her memory in which he buried her and her husband and defended the bridge leading to the chapel against all comers until he had collected a thousand suits of armour. One of those he fought was the demented Roland; another was Florismart whom he imprisoned. When Agramant called a truce with Charlemagne so that he could return to deal with an attack on his own capital, Biserta, made by Abyssinians led by Astolpho, Rinaldo and Rogero were chosen to do combat to settle the war. Their duel was interrupted by Melissa who, in the guise of Rodomont, attacked the Christians, so breaking the truce. At the wedding of Rogero and Bradamante, Rodomont accused Rogero, in front of the emperor, of being a traitor to his original master, Agramant. For this, Rogero killed him in single combat. Sometimes referred to as Rodomont, Mars of Africa or Mars of Africa.

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