European - Son of Aubert. Father of Richard. He was born of a promise by his otherwise childless mother to give her child to the devil and he grew up to be a terror. At the age of seven he killed his tutor and capped a life of violence by killing seven hermits. Suddenly repenting of his evil ways, he confessed to the pope who required him to serve his penance with a hermit who sent him to the court as fool, never to speak. Here, in the white armour of a knight, he three times saved the emperor from the invading Saracens but was wounded in a fight with some of the emperor's knights. The emperor's daughter, who was dumb, was offered to the unknown wounded knight by way of reward for his bravery, but a chamberlain, showing a self-inflicted wound, claimed her hand. Robert was released from his penance just in time to prevent the marriage from taking place, the princess regained her speech and married Robert and he inherited his father's dukedom. In another version, he was forbidden by the hermit to marry the princess and spent the rest of his life as a penitent. Also commonly referred to as Robert, Robert the Devil, Robert the Devil, Robertus or Robertus.

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