European - One of the paladins. Son of Aymon and Beatrice. Brother of Alardo, Bradamante, Ricardo and Ricciardetto. Cousin of Malagigi and Roland. Husband of Clarissa. Father of Aymeric. In some accounts, he was the son of the Marquis d'Este, in others his parents were Bertoldo and Sophia. He went into the forest with Isolier to capture the horse, Bayard. This fierce animal killed Isolier but was subdued by Rinaldo. Other accounts say that the horse was given to him by his father, Aymon, when the latter thought he was near death. At the great tournament organised by Charlemagne, Rinaldo was enchanted by Angelica but, drinking from a fountain built by Merlin, his love was turned to hate. She drank from a second fountain and fell in love with Rinaldo. She freed the magician Malagigi and enlisted his help to win Rinaldo who was taken by a magic ship to Joyous Castle on an island. Here he was sumptuously entertained but ran away when he was told that the house was his, a gift from Angelica. He undertook to destroy a monster which was ravaging the countryside but was trapped in a room where the monster lived and escaped only when Angelica ensnared the beast in coils of rope so that Rinaldo could get on to its back and strangle it. He met Flordalis who told him her story and, having wounded the giant and killed the griffin guarding the marvellous horse, Rabican, he claimed the horse for himself and set off with Flordalis to find her lover, Florismart, and Roland. At Albracca, Galafron recognised the horse Rabican which he had given to his own son, Argalia, and fought with Rinaldo thinking that he must have killed Argalia. Rinaldo then found himself fighting his friend Roland. Rather than continue this fight, he went off to free Florismart who had been imprisoned by the enchantress Falerina. He was seized by the guardian of the bridge, Arridano, and imprisoned but was later released when Roland captured both Falerina and the enchantress Morgana. He led an army of Hungarians with Ottachiero to support Charlemagne when France was invaded by Agramant, Marsilius and Rodomont, but they were defeated. Regretting his former treatment of Angelica, he set off to find her once more. He met her with Roland and the two knights fought over her, ending their duel only when separated by Charlemagne to whom Angelica fled for help. Rinaldo encountered her again in the company of Sacripant and engaged him in single combat. Once again Angelica fled and was helped by a magician who conjured up a spirit in the form of a farm-hand who intervened in the fight and told the two knights that Angelica was heading for Paris in the company of Roland. Rinaldo broke off the fight and spurred his horse towards Paris. There he was frustrated in his efforts to find Angelica when Charlemagne sent him to England to seek help in his battles with the invading forces. When Agramant called a truce so that he could return to deal with an attack on his own capital of Biserta by Abyssinians under Astolpho, Rinaldo was chosen to fight Rogero to settle the war. Their duel was interrupted by Melissa who, in the guise of Rodomont, led an attack on the Christians, so breaking the truce. Rinaldo set off in pursuit of Gradasso to recover his horse but went to Africa when he heard of the exploits of Astolpho at Biserta, arriving just after the combat in which Florismart had been killed. He accompanied Roland on his voyage to seek treatment for the wounded Oliver and Sobrino. After the war, he was in Egypt with Ricciardetto, converting the infidel, when they were summoned back to Spain by Malagigi. The demons Ashtaroth and Foulmouth entered their horses which carried their riders over the sea to Spain, putting them down in the midst of the Battle of Roncesvalles. They both survived that great battle. He fell out of favour with Charlemagne and his son Charlot and defeated all the knights sent to bring him to the king from his castle, Montalban. Charlemagne then besieged Montalban, or another castle in the Ardennes to which they retreated and starved the occupants so that they killed most of their horses for food. His mother, Beatrice, interceded with the emperor who forgave them when they submitted to his will and gave Bayard to Charlot. He had the horse drowned in view of Rinaldo who was heart-broken. He made over his property to his son, Aymeric, and retired to live the life of a hermit. After three years, he was recalled to fight the Saracens in the Holy Land and spent many years there before returning to France. He eventually went to Cologne where he helped to build the cathedral for Bishop Agilolphus. He worked so hard that the other workers became envious and beat him to death, throwing his body into the river. His body was donated as a holy relic to the people of Dortmund who built the church of St Rinaldo. In Jerusalem Delivered, Rinaldo was out of favour with Godfrey, leader of the Christian forces attacking Jerusalem, because he had killed Girnando in a duel. It turned out that Rinaldo's help was essential if the city were ever to be taken so Godfrey forgave Rinaldo who then deserted Armida, with whom he had been living, and joined Godfrey's forces which quickly took the city. Another account says that the source of the quarrel with Charlemagne was the assault by Charlot on Rinaldo's brother, Alardo, whom the prince struck with a chessboard when Alardo was beating him at chess. In this version, Rinaldo killed Charlot and fled to Montalban and it was Charlemagne who killed Bayard by drowning the horse in the Seine. The story of the chess-game appears, in different form, in the story of Ogier's son Baldwin. Sometimes known as Rinaldo, Regnault, Regnault, Reinold, Reinold, Rinaldo, Renaud, Renaud, Renauld, Renauld, Renault, Renault, Renaut, Renaut, Rinaldo or Renaut de Montauban.
European - A poem by the Italian, Tasso, relating. The exploits of Rinaldo. Also commonly called Rinaldo, Regnault, Regnault, Reinold, Reinold, Rinaldo, Renaud, Renaud, Renauld, Renauld, Renault, Renault, Renaut, Renaut, Rinaldo or Renaut de Montauban.

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