Japanese - A dragon-king of the sea. When his wife fell ill, she said that only the liver of a monkey could save her so Rin-Jin sent the jellyfish to bring a monkey to his undersea kingdom. Having persuaded a monkey to come with him, the foolish jellyfish told the monkey why his presence was required. The crafty monkey said that he had forgotten to bring his liver so the jellyfish took him back to land to fetch it. The monkey quickly jumped ashore and ran off laughing at the jellyfish's gullibility. The angry king had the jellyfish torn from its shell and pounded into a jelly for its stupidity. Sometimes identified as Rin-Jin, Ringin, Ringin, Rinjin, Rinjin, Ryu-kyo, Ryu-kyo, Ryu-wo, Ryu-wo, Ryujin, Ryujin, Dragon King of the Sea, Ryugin, Ruigin, Dragon-King of the Sea, Balinese Waruna, Indian Varuna or Javanese Kala.

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