Norse - The name assumed by Heimdall on a visit to earth. In this guise, Heimdall became the progenitor of the human races. He stayed for three days with each of three couples, the poor Ai and Edda, the well-off Afi and Amma, and the wealthy Fadir and Modir. After each visit, a son was born, Thrall to Edda, Karl to Amma and Jarl to Modir. Thrall married Thyr and they became the forerunners of the thralls; Karl married Shor, producing husbandmen and Jarl married Erna and produced many children, one of whom, Konur, founded the royal house of Denmark. Also known as Riger, Heimdall, Heimdall, Er, Hallinskide, Hallinskidi, Hama, Heimdal, Heimdallr, Mardall, Saxnot, Vindlir, White God, Er, Gullintani, Heimdellinger, Hermin, Irmin, Rati, Rig(er), Saxon Saxsnot, Cheru, Rati, Lyfir, Rig, Rig, Rigir, Rigir, Rig(ir) or Rig(ir).

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