European - The wily fox in Reynard the Fox. Mate of Ermelyn. He was summoned to appear at the court of the king, Nobel, to answer charges made against him by the other animals. Having ignored the summons brought by Brown the bear and Hintze the tom-cat, he finally went with his nephew, Grimbart the badger and was condemned to the gallows. He talked his way out of being hanged by telling the king and queen that he knew where a hoard of gold was hidden and asking leave to go to Rome to ask the pope for a pardon. He killed Lampe and, sending Bellyn back to court with the hare's head, ensured that he too was killed. In another story, he was stuck in a basket down a well but tricked Isengrim into climbing into the other bucket which sank under his extra weight, so pulling Reynard back to the surface, allowing him to escape. Summoned to the court again after a complaint by Merkinau that Reynard had killed his wife, the fox undertook to fight the wolf to prove his innocence and defeated Isengrim. It was said that he owned a ring which could change to three different colours. If it turned green, it could make the wearer invisible. Sometimes identified as Reynard, Dutch Raynaert, Dutch Raynaert, German Reinaert, German Reinaert, Reynard the Fox, Reinecke Fuchs, Reinecke Fuchs or Reinaert.

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