British - A giant. Father of Britomart. He lived on Mount Erith or Mount Aravia and is said to have taken part in the argument between Nynniaw and Peibaw as to the meaning of the stars. He challenged all comers to combat, sewing their beards to his cloak when he killed them. King Arthur killed him and used the giant's beard to make his own cloak. In some accounts, he is equated with Royns. Occasionally known as Retho, Rhica, Rhica, Rhicca, Rhicca, Rhitta, Rhitta, Ricca, Ricca, Rience, Rience, Royns, Rith, Rith, Ritho, Ritho, Ryence, Ryence, Rhic(c)a, Rhic(c)a, Rith(o) or Rith(o).

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