Canaanite - A war-god and god of plague. Husband of Itum. He is sometimes equated with Mot and may be depicted with the head of a gazelle on the front of his crown. In some accounts, known as Resep, Mot, Mot, Ghazir, Mowt, Phoenician Muth, Rasap, Rasap, Resef, Resef, Reseph, Reseph, Reshef, Reshef, Resheph, Resheph, Reshiph-Mical, Reshiph-Mical, Res(h)ef, Res(h)ef, Res(h)eph, Res(h)eph, Assyrian Salman, Assyrian Salman, Sulmanu, Egyptian Reshpu, Egyptian Reshpu, Kenite Salma or Kenite Salma.

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