Norse - A smith. Son of Hreidmar. Brother of Fafnir and Otter. When Loki killed Otter, Regin's brother, their father demanded a ransom which Loki paid with the hoard of gold and a magic ring which he had forced the dwarf Andvari to hand over. In doing so, the dwarf put a curse on the treasure. When Hreidmar refused to share the treasure with his sons, Fafnir killed his father and expelled Regin, keeping all the treasure for himself and turning into a monster to guard it. When Elf placed Sigurd in his care as tutor, Regin persuaded Sigurd to slay the monster to which Sigurd agreed if Regin would provide him with an unbreakable sword. Two made by Regin proved inadequate so they forged together the pieces of Sigmund's sword which proved capable of slicing through an anvil. Having killed the dragon, Sigurd cut out its heart and cooked it at Regin's request but, having tasted it, he found that he could hear the language of the birds who warned him that Regin was planning mischief. Sigurd then killed Regin and kept the treasure for himself. At times, known as Regin, Reginn, Reginn, German Mime, German Mime, Greek Hephaestus, Greek Hephaestus, Kalvaistis, Ptah, Sethlans, Tvashtri, Vulcan, Roman Vulcan or Roman Vulcan.

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