New Zealand - Creator-god and sky-father of the Maori. Husband of Heke-Heke-I-Paperi, Poko-ha-rua-te-po or Papa. Husband of Tepotatango. Father of Haronga, Haumea, Rehua, Rongo, Ruaumoko, Tane, Tangaroa, Tawhiri and Tu. The intertwined bodies of Earth and Sky made it impossible for their children to leave the womb so they tried to push their parents apart. After failures by Haumea and Rongo to push them apart, Tangaroa to blow them apart with his winds, and Tu to cut them apart, Tane, standing on Papa, managed to push Rangi, the sky, into its present position. It was said that he had six wives, one of whom, Papa, turned out to be the wife of Tangaroa who stabbed Rangi in the thigh with his spear when he discovered what had happened in his absence. At times, identified as Rangi, Lagi, Lagi, Langi, Langi, Raki, Raki, Ranginui, Ranginui, Ranji, Ranji, Vatea, Vatea, Atea, Hanui-o-Rangi, Hanui-o-Rangi, Ha-nui-o-rangi, Ha-nui-o-Rangi, La(n)gi, La(n)gi, Tu Tumu, Tu Tumu, Pacific Islands Rangi-Atea, Pacific Islands Rangi-Atea, Wakea, Wakea, Maori Rangi or Polynesian Atea.

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