Mesopotamian - A Babylonian thunder-god. In some accounts he is equated with Enlil, others regard him as a manifestation of Adad. Some versions give Rimmon as the Babylonian god and Ramman as his Egyptian equivalent. Occasionally referred to as Ramman, Adad, Adad, Adda, Addad, Addu, Baal-Hadad, Dadda, Dadu, Marduk, Adda(d), Isher, Rimmon, Assyrian Mer, Canaanite Baal, Baal Had(d)ad, Kurgal, Semitic Idurmer, Sumerian Enlil, Ishkur, Syrian Hadad, Mermer, Mermer, Nabu, Ishkus, Ragimu, Ragimu, Raimimu, Raimimu, Rimmon, Rimmon, Damas, Damas, Rimman, Ragim, Ragim, Rammanu, Rammanu, Egyptian Set, Egyptian Set, Baal, Rimmon, Typhon, Typhoon, Hurrian Sutekh, Hurrian Sutekh, Rimmon, Sumerian Ishkur, Sumerian Ishkur, Teshub, Murtaimu, Murtaimu or Murtaznu.

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