Hindu - An evil spirit. It is said that these beings were created from Brahma's foot though others say that they were descended from the sage Pulashya. They could assume any shape and usually appeared as monsters but sometimes as beautiful maidens. Descriptions of them in human form say that they may be blue, green or yellow, with eyes set vertically, fingers pointing backwards, matted hair, protruding stomachs, and five feet. They are said to eat human flesh, even fouled meat and corpses. Some say that they live in trees but haunt graveyards and they are so poisonous that they kill mortals by a mere touch. They can also take possession of men, causing illness or death. Mortals who have been exceptionally cruel in life may be condemned to reappear as rakshasas. In some versions rakshasas are the same as yakshas. Occasionally called rakshasa, raksa, raksa, raksasa, raksasa, yaksha, yaksha, Kubera, yakho, yak(k)ha, yaksa, femaleyakshi(ni, Kubera, femalerakshashi, femalerakshashi, Javanese reksoso or Javanese reksoso.

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