Japanese - A warrior-hero. He was ordered by the emperor, Ichijo, to slay Shutendoji, the goblin of Mount Oye who had captured the emperor's daughter Kimitaka, and set out with five companions. The deities Gongen, Hachiman and Kwannon gave him a magic drink called Shimben-Kidoku-Shu with which Raiko and his men, dressed as priests, put the goblin and his retainers to sleep and killed them. In a later adventure, he killed the Goblin Spider which, in the guise of a young retainer, had nightly brought medicine which made Raiko worse instead of curing his illness. In another story, the Goblin Spider appeared as an old woman and a beautiful maiden who trapped Raiko in a silken web. When he struck her with his sword, the wound produced white blood and, when he cut off her head, hundreds of skulls emerged from a wound in her stomach. In some accounts he is the same as Yorimitsu. Also identified as Raiko.
Japanese - A wealthy miser. He was so mean that Mara took the form first of a priest to tell Raiko to distribute his wealth to the poor and then of a huge spider which frightened him into repentance. At times, referred to as Raiko.

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