Hindu - A horned demon. Son of Kasyapa or Rudra. He was sent by Jalandhara to seize Sakti, the wife of Shiva. The god created the lion-headed monster, Kirttimukha, to fight Rahu who was so frightened that he ran off. When this demon drank some amrita, Vishnu, as Narayana, cut off its head to prevent it from becoming immortal. The head was placed in the sky where it swallows the moon at eclipses. Here it takes the form of a dark planet at the north node of the intersection of the orbits of the moon and the earth. In some accounts he is depicted as a dragon with nine heads and nine ams with eyes on both his body and arms. In some accounts, identified as Rahu, Adhrapuisacha, Adhrapuisacha, Ketu, Ketu, Chinese Chi-tu, Abhapisacha, Abhapisacha, grabber, grabber, Chinese Lo-hou, Chinese Lo-hou, Vajrapani, Vajrapani, Acala-Vajrapani, Acarya-Vajrapani or Indra.

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