Ragnar Lodbrok

Norse - (c. 735-794). A great warrior. Son of Sigurd Ring and Alfild. Husband of Aslaug, Lodgerda and Thora. Father of Agnar and Erik. By Thora. Father of Biorn, Hvitserk, Ivar, Rogenwald, Sigurd and Ubbe. By Aslaug. When his father died by his own hand, Ragnar took the throne at the age of fifteen. On an expedition to Norway, he met and married Lodgerda, a warrior-maid, and lived with her for three years but was then forced to return to Denmark to repel an invasion. Lodgerda refused to leave Norway and Ragnar eventually married Thora after killing the dragon that guarded her. She bore two sons, Agnar and Erik, before dying at an early age. Ragnar came across Aslaug, at that time called Krake, in a filthy hut where she was virtually a slave to the peasant couple who had reared her. He married her and they had four sons. When Ragnar considered putting her aside in favour of a princess, Aslaug discovered his plan from her pet magpies and proved that she was equally highborn, the daughter of Sigurd and Brunhild. She later gave birth to another son, Sigurd the Snake-eyed. Late in life, Ragnar invaded Northumberland. Most of his men were killed and he was captured. Ella, the king of Northumberland, had him thrown into a snake-pit but the magic shirt his mother had made for him saved him until Ella had the shirt stripped from the body of his prisoner who soon died from snake-bites, the only thing to which he was vulnerable. Identified as Ragnar Lodbrok, Lodbrog, Lodbrog, Lodbrok, Lodbrok, Lodbrokr, Lodbrokr, Regner, Regner or Ragnar Lodbrog.

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