Irish - A king of Connaught. Son of Uadhu. Husband of Muireann. Father of Cathal. He became king when he defeated Colman at the Battle of Ceann Bugha. Fearful of being killed himself, he killed his own nephew and, when he was told that his own child would cause his death, he tried to kill his young daughter by abandoning her. She was saved by a swineherd and reared by a holy woman and, when she came of age, Ragallach took her as a mistress, neither of them knowing of their relationship. His wife then left him and later died of jealousy. Accounts of his death vary. Some say that he was killed by men arguing over a stag they had killed, others that he was killed by Maolbhrighe who was later killed by Cathal to avenge his father, still others that his daughter fulfilled the prophecy by killing him. Occasionally known as Ragallach, Raghallach or Raghallach.

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