Rabbit Boy

North American - A Sioux hero. He was reared by a rabbit who had come across and casually kicked about a blood-clot from which Rabbit Boy emerged. When he grew up, he left his foster-parents and married a girl in the next village. The spider-man, Iktome, was jealous and incited the youths of the village to kill Rabbit Boy who sang his death-song before being killed, cut to pieces and boiled. Using his magic powers, Rabbit Boy reassembled the parts and reappeared alive. When Iktome tried to do the same, he recited the wrong words to the death-song and was killed, never to return. Occasionally called Rabbit Boy, Blood Clot, Blood Clot, Much Blood Boy, Much Blood Boy, We-Ota-Wichasha or We-Ota-Wichasha.

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