Egyptian - An assimilation of the early sun-god. Atum with Ra. In the form of the Bennu-bird or phoenix he dispersed the darkness of Nun while sitting on the benben stone (obelisk). He had the ability to detach one eye and se nd it out alone to see what was going on and used it to locate Shu and Tefnut when they got lost. He grew another eye but kept the detachable one which he placed in his forehead. Occasionally called Ra-Atum, Atum, Atum, Atmu, Atumu, Tam, Tem, Temu, Tham, Thom, Thum, Tm, Tmu, Tom, Tum, At(u)mu, Bull of the Ennead, Iusau, Neb-er-djei, Shed, Tem(u), T(h)am, T(h)om, T(h)um, Tm(u), Khepra, Ra, Atum-Ra, Atum-Ra, Benu, Benu, Bennu, Bennu, Phoenix, Phoenix, Re-Atum, Re-Atum, Ra, Re-Tem, Re-Tem, Ben(n)u-bird, Ben(n)u-bird, Nefertem, Nefertem, Iphtimis, Itum, Nefertum, Nephthemis, Itum, Nefer-tem, 'perfection', Ra-Tem, Ra-Tem or Ra Atum.

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