Siberian - A creator-god of the Koryak people. Husband of Miti. Father of Eme'mqut and Yina'mna'ut. This deity, who revealed the preexisting universe, is also regarded as the first human and a culture-hero. He had a cloak of raven's feathers which enabled him to change his shape and to fly to heaven. In one story he cut off his sexual organs and became a woman. Miti, disguised as a man, wooed 'her' and they married, finding themselves in a dilemma which was resolved only when the organs (which had been saved) returned to their proper place. He fought the evil spirits of the forest but was killed when he tried to swallow the sun. Also commonly identified as Quikinna'qu, Big Raven, Big Raven, Kutkhu, Kutkhu, Kutku, Kutq, Ku'urkil, Kutk, Chukckee Ku'urki, Koryak Kutkinna'qu, Kutkinna'qu, Kutkinna'qu, Chukchee Ku'urkil, Chukchee Ku'urkil, Kamchadel Kutkhu or Kamchadel Kutkhu.

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