Queen of Gore

British - A witch. A title of Morgan le Fay. In this role she was one of the four witches who put Lancelot under a spell at the Chateau de la Charette and tried to force him to choose one of the four as a lover. In some accounts, she is the Queen of Sorestan. At times, called Queen of Gore, Morgan le Fay, Morgan le Fay, Argante, Feimurgan, Lady of Avalon, Morgain, Morgaine, Morgan le Fée, Morgana, Morgen, Morghe, Morgue le Fay, Morgue le Faye, Nimue, Queen of Avalon, Argante, Fata Morgana, Lady of the Lake, Matrona, Modron, Morgain(e), Morgan(n)a, Morgue le Fay(e), Nineve, Queen of Cyprus, Queen of Sorestan, Queen of Sorestan, Queen of Soreston or Queen of Soreston.

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