Queen of Cyprus

British - Sister of King Arthur. This lady, who is sometimes equated with Morgan le Fay, sent her brother a drinking-horn which could disclose whether the wife of any man drinking from it was faithful to her husband. In some lore, occasionally identified as Queen of Cyprus, Morgan le Fay, Morgan le Fay, Argante, Feimurgan, Lady of Avalon, Morgain, Morgaine, Morgan le Fée, Morgana, Morgen, Morghe, Morgue le Fay, Morgue le Faye, Nimue, Queen of Avalon, Argante, Fata Morgana, Lady of the Lake, Matrona, Modron, Morgain(e), Morgan(n)a, Morgue le Fay(e), Nineve, Queen of Gore, Priure or Priure.

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