Egyptian - A goddess of health. Consort of Min. She was assimilated into the Egyptian pantheon as an aspect of Hathor. She is depicted in the nude with a mirror, lotus flowers and snakes, standing on a lion. Also referred to as Qedeshet, Eye of Ra, Eye of Ra, Eye of Atum, Hathor-Sakhmet, Sakhmet, udjat, uraeus, Lady of Heaven, Lady of Heaven, Edjo, Kades, Wadjet, Mistress of the Gods, Mistress of the Gods, Qades, Qades, Quades, Qadesh, Qadesh, Qedesh, Qedesh, Qedeshat, Qedeshat, Qetesh, Qetesh, Qodshu, Qodshu, Quodes, Qudshu, Qudshu, Qudsu, Qudsu, Quedesh, Quedesh, Kadesh, Kadesh, Kedesh(et), Kedesh(et), Astarte, Qades(h), Qades(h), Qedes(hat), Qedes(hat), Qodshu Quds(h)u, Qodshu Quds(h)u, Canaanite Kades, Canaanite Kades, Mesoptamian Quades or Mesoptamian Quades.

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