Pacific Islands - A creator-spirit of New Hebrides. (now known as Vanuata). Brother of Tangaro. Husband of Ro Lei. Qat was said to have sprung from the stone, Qatgoro, which split open, and to have grown immediately into an adult. The world already existed but Qat created plants, animals and men, carving humans from trees and bringing them to life with music and dancing. When men became tired of perpetual daylight, Qat gave the deity who controlled darkness some pigs and, in return, received sufficient darkness to provide alternate day and night. He had eleven brothers who were jealous of him. Once they abducted his wife and carried her off to another island but he rescued her. An alternative version says that his wife was a swan-maiden whom he had caught and kept earthbound by burying her wings. When she found the wings, she flew back to heaven where Qat followed her by shooting a chain of arrows up which he climbed. Unfortunately for Qat, the banyan to which the chain was attached was cut through by the hoe of a careless worker with the result that Qat fell to earth and was killed while his wife, whom he had managed to retrieve, flew back again to heaven. On another occasion his brothers put Qat in a land-crab's hole and sealed the entrance with a huge stone but he escaped with the help of the spider-spirit. When his brothers were eaten by the monster, Qasavara, Qat slew him and, finding their bones hidden in a chest, re-assembled them and restored his brothers to life. He is said to have sailed away from Banks Island with his wife and brothers leaving the islanders to anticipate his future return. Also commonly identified as Qat, Quat or Quat.

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