Greek - King of Epirus. Son of Achilles and Deidamia. Father of Molossus, Pielus and Pergamus by Andromache. His father, Achilles, was sent to the court of Lycomedes to escape military service at Troy. While he was there, he seduced the king's daughter, Deidamia, who bore Pyrrhus. He was sent for after his father's death at Troy and fought well, killing Eurypylus and others. He was one of those hidden in the wooden horse at Troy and killed the aged Priam and his son Polites and threw the infant Astyanax to his death from the city walls when the Greeks finally overran the city. He took Andromache, Hector's widow, as a prize but abandoned her for Hesione after fathering three sons on her. In some stories he was killed at Delphi for defiling the shrine, in others he was killed by Orestes. In the latter story, Menelaus gave his daughter Hermione to Pyrrhus, even though she was promised to Orestes who rescued her when he killed Pyrrhus. A different version alleges that there were two sons of Achilles - the second Pyrrhus who killed the first and took his new name, Neoptolemus, was the one who so brutally killed Priam and the child Astyanax. Sometimes called Pyrrhus, Neoptolemus, Neoptolemus, Neoptolemos, 'young warrior', Purrhos, Purrhos, Pyrrho, Pyrrho, Pyrrhos, Pyrrhos, Pyrrho(s) or Pyrrho(s).

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