Greek - Daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora. Wife of Deucalion. Wife of Prometheus, some say. Mother of Amphictyon, Hellen and Idomeneus. She and her husband were given advance warning of the flood and survived by building a boat. They repopulated the earth by throwing stones over their shoulders, each of which became a human being - in Pyrrha's case, a woman. In some accounts, she is referred to as Clymene. Occasionally called Pyrrha, Clymene or Clymene.
Greek - The name used by Achilles when he was in hiding as a girl at the court of Lycomedes. Sometimes known as Pyrrha, Clymene or Clymene.
Greek - A daughter of Creon, king of Thebes. In some accounts, identified as Pyrrha, Clymene or Clymene.

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