Welsh - King of Dyfed. Son of Anwyn. Husband of Rhiannon. Father of Pryderi. A lady riding a white horse that could not be overtaken even though seeming to canter, asked his help to prevent her forced marriage to an unwanted suitor, Gwawl. This was Rhiannon and Pwyll married her himself. When their son was born it mysteriously disappeared and Rhiannon was accused of having eaten it and was punished by being forced to carry visitors to the court on her back. In fact, the baby had been left on the doorstep of Teyrnon who called the boy Gwri and raised him as his own until he learned the truth. He then returned the boy to his rightful parents who called him Pryderi. He took the stag being chased by Arawn, lord of the underworld Annwfn but they nevertheless became friends and exchanged roles for one year, during which time he killed Arawn's great enemy, Havgan, who could be killed only with a single blow. As a reward, he was given a pig which he introduced to Wales. Some say that he appears later as Pelles in the Arthurian legend. In some references, called Pwyll, Pen Annwfn or Pen Annwfn.

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