Hindu - A nourisher god, god of cattle and travellers. A sun-god. A form of Marttanda or Surya. One of the Adityas. Charioteer of the sun. He is said to have had his teeth knocked out by Shiva, in the form of Virabhadra, when that god lost his temper at being excluded from a sacrifice by Daksha and wounded many of those present, including Pushan - his fallen teeth became the stars. One of his functions was to guide the spirits of the dead to the underworld. He is depicted as a toothless deity carrying an ox-goad and riding in a chariot drawn by goats. At times, called Pushan, Agohya, Agohya, Pusan, Pusan, Surya, Surya, Agni, Marttanda, Ravi, Surya Narayana, Bhaga(savitar), Dharmesh, Diakara, Dinakara, Grahapati, Karma-Sakshi, Mahadeva, Mart(t)anda, Mitra, Savitar, Savitri, 'shiner', 'sun', Vivasvat, Greek Apollo, Helius, Javanese Suria, 'nourisher', 'nourisher', Audhumbla, Chinese P'u Hsien, Chinese P'u Hsien or Samantabhadra.

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