Pure Land

Buddhist - A paradise for those en route to enlightenment. This fabled realm is the Mahayana equivalent of the Hinayana Nirvana. Here no pain or sorrow exists and the cycle of death and rebirth ends. The western Pure Land, Sukhavati, is ruled by Amitabha, the eastern version by Bhaisajyaguna. In some references, called Pure Land, Buddha-Kshetra, Buddha-Kshetra, Buddha-land, Buddha-land, Gokuraku-Jodo, Gokuraku-Jodo, Gokuraku-Lekai, Sukhavati, Chinese Hsi T'ien, Jodo, Jodo, Kshetia, Kshetia, Pure Land of the West, Pure Land of the West, Chinese Ching-t'u, Chinese Ching-t'u, Western Paradise or Western Paradise.

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