Pu T'ai Ho-shang

Chinese - A 6th C. (or 10th C. ) monk. A Taoist immortal. One of the Eighteen Lohan, some say. He is regarded as the last incarnation of Maitreya or of Amitabha. He is depicted with a calico bag, his symbol, either on a staff over his shoulder or at his feet. He is some-times shown inside the sack. On occassion, identified as Pu T'ai Ho-shang, A-mi-t'o-fo, A-mi-t'o-fo, Amito, O-mi-t'o-fo, Omit'o-fo, Omitofo, Amito (Fo), A Mi To Fo, O-mi-t' ofo, O Mi To Fo, Japanese Amida, Chang Ting-tzu, Chang Ting-tzu, Miroku, Miroku, Buddhist Messiah, Miro, Chinese Hsiao Fo, Mi-lo-fo, Hindu Kalki, Korean Miruk, Hotei, Pu T'ai Ch'an Shih, Pu T'ai Ch'an Shih, Calico Bag Monk, Calico Bag Monk, Pu Tai Ho-shang, Calico Bag Zen Master, Calico Bag Zen Master, Buddhist Maitreya, Buddhist Maitreya, Kalki, Miruk, Japanese Hotei or Japanese Hotei.

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