Egyptian - A creator-god, god of artisans, artists, property and god of Memphis. One of the 3 Lords of Destiny. Husband of Sakhmet. Father of Nefertem. Ptah was born from an egg which was laid by the Nile Goose or, some say, emerged from the mouth of Amen. Others say that he existed in the beginning as Nun, or as the son of Nun and Naunet, and created the world by moulding mud, the gods by thinking of them and speaking their names and men from precious metals. He is said to have caused a horde of rats to gnaw the bowstrings of the invading Assyrians, so saving the city of Pelusium. He is regarded as being incarnated as the Apis bull. He is depicted in the bandages of a mummy holding a sceptre known as the was or as a blacksmith. Sometimes known as Ptah, Imhotep, Imhotep, Iemhetep, Imheptep, I(e)mhetep, Greek Asclepius, Imouth(es), Phtah, Phtah, Ram of Mendes, Ram of Mendes, Banaded, Khery-bakef, Khery-bakef, Ptah-Nun, Ptah-Nun, Ptah-Naunet, Ptah-Naunet, Ptah-Tem, Ptah-Tem, The Heart, The Heart, Greek Hephaestus, Greek Hephaestus, Kalvaistis, Regin, Sethlans, Tvashtri, Vulcan, Tatenen, Tatenen, Tanen, Taten, Tatjenen, Tatumen, Tatunen, Ten, Tenen or Ten(en).

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