Roman - A princess of Sicily. Wife of Cupid. Mother of Voluptas. A beautiful maiden who incurred the wrath of Venus when all men paid her more attention than the goddess. Venus asked Cupid to make Pysche fall in love with some monster but, instead, Cupid fell in love with Psyche. When no man offered to marry her, the Delphic Oracle decreed that she should be placed on a bleak mountaintop to await the serpent who would be her husband. In another version, Psyche threw herself from a mountain-top to escape harrassment by Venus. In either case, she was wafted away from the mountain-top by the west wind, Zephyr, and found herself in a wonderful palace where she lived happily with Cupid whom she never saw since he came to her only at night, until her two sisters persuaded her that her husband was in fact a serpent. She lit a lamp when he was asleep and Cupid immediately left her for violating a trust. Psyche again tried to kill herself by drowning but was saved by the river-god. She served as slave to Venus, doing many near-impossible tasks such as sorting out a pile of different grains, collecting wool from man-eating sheep, bringing water from the Styx and fetching a jar (said to contain beauty) from Persephone in Hades. She was eventually reunited with Cupid who took her up to Olympus where she was deified and accepted by Venus as her daughter-in-law. Also known as Psyche, Psukhe, Psukhe, Psyche or psyche.


General - The human spirit: the soul: the soul. As a butterfly. Sometimes identified as psyche, Psukhe, Psukhe, Psyche, psyche or Psyche.

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