Prussian Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters


A thunder-god. In some references, called Perkonis, Percunis, Percunis, Bohemian Peranu, Bohemian Peranu, Perkunos, Peroon, Perusan, Piker, Piorun, Pitkainen, Pyerun, Bulgarian Perusan, Bulgarian Perusan, Peranu, Perkons, Perkunos, Estonian Piker, Estonian Piker, Perkunos, Finnish Pitkoinen, Finnish Pitkoinen, Latvian Perkons, Latvian Perkons, Perkunos, Lithuanian Perkunos, Lithuanian Perkunos, Pirgene, Polish Piorun, Polish Piorun, Perkunos, Russian Pirgene, Russian Pirgene, Perkunos, Slav Peroon, Slav Peroon, Gromovit or Perkunos.


A god of light. On occassion, known as Suaixtis, Suaixtix, Suaixtix, Suatitix or Suatitix.
Prussian Mythology