Greek - A Titan. God of craftsmen. Son of Iapetus by Clymene, Gaea or Themis. Half-brother of Atlas and Epimetheus. Husband of Asia, Calaeno, Hesione, Pronoia or Pyrrha. Father of Deucalion by Pronoia. He is said to be the creator of mankind, making men from mud, and their saviour when he stole fire from heaven and gave it to man. For this act of defiance, Zeus had him chained to a rock where, for 30,000 years, an eagle or a vulture pecked his liver by day only for it to renew itself every night. He was finally freed by Heracles who shot the bird. In some stories, a herb impregnated with some of the blood that fell from Prometheus' mutilated body could make men invulnerable to fire and weapons. The centaur Chiron was still suffering from the wound inflicted by the arrow shot by Heracles but, being immortal, could not die. Prometheus was allowed to assume the burden of immortality so that Chiron could die in peace. He and Epimetheus fought on the side of the gods in their war with the Titans. Prometheus was able to warn his son Deucalion of the forthcoming flood so that he and his wife Pyrrha survived. In some lore, occasionally known as Prometheus, 'forethought' or 'forethought'.

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