Greek - King of Tiryns. Son of Abas and Aglaia. Twin brother of Acrisius. Husband of Anteia. Father of Argos, Galinthias, Iphianessa, Iphinöe, Lysippe and Megapenthes. He ruled jointly with his twin but was soon expelled and fled to Lydia where he married Anteia, daughter of King Iobates. He later recovered part of the kingdom and ruled as king of Tiryns. It was he who purified Bellerophon after he had killed his own brother. Anteia accused Bellerophon of attempting to rape her when he rejected her advances so Proetus sent him to his father-in-law, Iobates, with a letter in which Proetus asked Iobates to kill the bearer. For an alleged slight to Dionysus or Hera, his three daughters were driven mad. Proetus agreed to share his kingdom with Bias and Melampus if the latter could restore their sanity. In some accounts, he usurped the throne of Acrisius and was turned to stone by Perseus who displayed the Medusa mask. At times, identified as Proetus, Proeteus, Proeteus, Proteus, Proteus, Proetos, Proetos, Proitos or Proitos.

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