Greek - Eldest of the 50 daughters of Thespius and Megamede. Mother of twins, Antileon and Hippeus, by Heracles. At times, identified as Procris, Prokris, Prokris, Procris or Procris.
Greek - A nymph of Diana. Daughter of Cecrops or Erechtheus. By Herse or Praxithea. Wife of Cephalus. Grandmother of Laertes, some say. At her marriage to Cephalus she gave him a javelin that never missed its mark and a hunting-dog, Laelaps, which Minos had given to her for curing him of an infection brought on by Pasiphae. She remained faithful to her husband after he had been carried off for some years by Aurora. He was later returned to her but she was killed by her husband with the unerring spear in a hunting accident. Another story says that her father sacrificed her to ensure victory before setting out to do battle. In some lore, occasionally known as Procris, Prokris, Prokris, Procris or Procris.

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