Hindu - The earth personified. One of the Dikpalas, some say. Consort of Dyaus, the sky. Mother of Indra and Ushas, mother of Agni and Brhaspati, some say. She and Dyaus were forced apart by Varuna. As a pair, they are referred to as Dyavaprithivi. Some accounts say that she was the wife or daughter of Prithu, others that she was the consort of Indra. She acted as the final arbiter in disputes and is sometimes depicted as a cow. In some accounts, one of the five forms (earth) of Parabrahma. On occassion, referred to as Prithivi, Dyava-matar, Dyava-matar, Prisni, Prisni, Diti, Prasni, Prsni, Pr(a)sni, 'speckled', Prthivi, Prthivi, 'earth', 'earth', Maka, Greek Gaea, Greek Gaea, Gea, Tellus, Plateia or Plateia.

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