Greek - King of Troy. Son of Laomedon and Strymo. Brother of Clytius, Hesione, Lampos and Thymoetes. Husband of Hecuba. Father of Agenor, Axion, Antiphus, Cassandra, Creusa, Deiphobos, Hector, Helenus, Ilione, Laocoon, Laodice, Paris, Polites, Polydorus, Polyxena and Troilus. Father of Aesacus by Alexirrhöe. Podarces was the only son of Laomedon to be spared by Heracles when he sacked Troy, during which he killed Laomedon and his family for failing to honour his promise to give Heracles two immortal horses in return for killing the sea-monster sent by Poseidon. Heracles put Podarces on the throne of Troy as Priam. He was king of Troy at the time of the Trojan wars and pleaded with Achilles to be allowed to remove the body of his son, Hector, who had been killed by Achilles. Although Achilles had spared Priam, Pyrrhus (Achilles' son) killed him when the city finally fell to the Greeks. He was said to have had fifty children, nineteen of them by Hecuba. Others say that he had fifty sons by Hecuba and many other children by various other women. On occassion, referred to as Priam, Podarces, Podarces, Priamos or Priamos.

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