Buddhist - A wandering spirit of the damned. The mouth of such a being is so small that it can neither eat nor drink. They are said to look like trees that have been charred by a forest fire. Preta is a purgatory, in some accounts, where souls undergo torture between death and rebirth. In some accounts, referred to as Preta, Pret, Pret, Preta or preta.


Hindu - A spirit of the dead. These spirits are said to be about the size of a man's thumb. The spirits of the good are taken up to heaven, those of sinners are judged by Yama. Occasionally called preta, Pret, Pret, Preta, preta or Preta.
Hindu - One of the 6 gati, the region of tortured souls. On occassion, identified as Preta, Pret, Pret, Preta or preta.

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