Prester John

British - A mysterious African or Asian. Priest-king. Father of Anglitora, some say. Son of Feirefiz and Repanse. Son of Percival, some say. In some accounts, he is described as a son of Percival who was the halfbrother of Feirefiz. Others say that, when the Holy Grail disappeared, it was transferred to the Far East and given into the care of Prester John. In other accounts, he is said to have been a descendant of the Magi and owned magic stones that could cause various wonders such as turning water into wine. In Carolingian lore, he was a descendant of Ogier and appears in Orlando Furioso. In some versions of that story in which Astolpho drove off the harpies, Prester John as king of Nubia, is the afflicted king, rather than Senapus. His kingdom was said to contain a fountain, the water from which will confer eternal youth on those who drink it; a sea of sand in which fish live; a river of stones where salamander can be found; herbs to drive out evil spirits; dragons which could be tamed and used as aerial transport; stones which could restore sight to the blind or make the bearer invisible; other stones which could control the ambient temperature, turn water into wine or milk, or cause fire if sprinkled with dragon's blood; a glass chapel which expanded to suit the size of the congregation; a marvellous palace in which Prester John sleeps in a bed made of sapphire and which holds a mirror in which he can see any plots being hatched by evil-doers - the list of such marvels is endless. Other stories describe him as the current guardian of the Holy Grail. Called Prester John, John the Presbyter or John the Presbyter.

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