Precious Tree

Central American - The form taken by Mayahuel when roused by the wind-god Ehecatl; An aspect of Quetzalcoatl. In some versions, Mayahuel and Ehecatl united to form this tree while others say that the tree grew on the spot where they mated. This is a name for Quetzalcoatl, in some accounts, as one of those supporting the heavens at the start of the Fifth Sun. Called Precious Tree, Mayahuel, Mayahuel, Mayahual, Mayauel, Quetzalcoatl , Quetzalcoatl , Ce Acatl, Eecatl, Ehecatl, Feathered Staff, (Green-)feathered Serpent, Huitzilopochtli, Lord of the (House of) Dawn, Tla(h)ui(z)calpantecuhtli, Tlapallan, White Tezcatlipoca, Yahualli-Ehecatl, Hopi Palulukon, Mayan Kukulcan, Itzamna, Kwakiutl Kanikilak, Salish Quaaqua, Tlingit Yetl, Zuni Kaloowise, Huemac, Nanihehecatli, Papachtic, Quetzalcoatl, Topiltzin,Yahualli-Ehecatl, Precious Willow or Precious Willow.

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