North American - The first man in the lore of the Zuni Indians. Son of the sky-father Apoyan Tachi and the four-wombed earth-mother. Awitelin Tsta. He is said to have emerged from the primordial slime and persuaded Awonawilona to allow men and animals to emerge from the underground caves in which they had been created into the sunlight. He lives in the City of Mists, in a house guarded by the Prey Gods, and is regarded as the founder of the tribe and father of medicine-men. Sometimes identified as Poshaiyangkyo, One Alone, One Alone, Po-shai-an-k'ia, Po-shai-an-k'ia, Poseyemu, Poseyemu, First Made Man, Hunt Chief, Keres P'ashayan'a, Tigua Puspiyama, Zuni Poshaiyangkyo, Poshaiyankayo, Poshaiyankayo, Poshaiyanki, Poshaiyanki, Pueblo Poseyemu, Pueblo Poseyemu, P'ashajan'a or Puspiyama.

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