Greek - King of Messenia. He took over the throne of Messenia when Cresphontes was killed in a rebellion. He also took over Merope, the wife of the former king, who, with her son Aeptyus, brought about the death of Polyphontes. He and Melampus were together when a snake bit one of his slaves. Polyphontes killed the snake and Melampus found its young and reared them, learning from them the speech of animals and birds. Also commonly known as Polyphontes.
Greek - Charioteer to Laius. He was driving Laius, father of Oedipus, when they came across Oedipus on the road. They failed to realise who he was and Polyphontes drove the chariot over Oedipus' foot. Oedipus, in a rage, killed both Polyphontes and his father, whom he did not recognise, together, in some accounts, with several attendants. Also commonly called Polyphontes.
Greek - A Theban soldier. In the war against the Seven, he faced Campaneus at the Electrian Gate. Sometimes called Polyphontes.

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