Greek - Co-king of Thebes with Eteocles. One of the Seven Against Thebes. Son of Oedipus and Jocasta. Brother of Antigone, Eteocles, Ismene. Husband of Argia. Father of Thersander. Father of Timeus, some say. After the abdication of Oedipus, his two sons agreed to rule in alternate years. Eteocles refused to hand over the throne at the end of his year and banished Polyneices. Some accounts say that there were two other sons - Adrastus and Timeus. When he led the Argives to attack Thebes he faced his brother, Eteocles, at the Hypsistrian Gate. They fought in single combat and each killed the other. Creon refused to allow the body of Polyneices to be buried but Antigone defied the decree and buried him secretly by night. Also called Polyneices, Polunikes, Polunikes, Polyneikes, Polyneikes, Polynices or Polynices.

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