Greek - King of Thrace. Husband of Ilione. Hecuba sent her youngest son, Polydorus, to his court when the Greeks attacked Troy. He had the young Trojan killed for the treasure that he was attempting to bury to keep it out of Greek hands. At the fall of Troy, Hecuba was given to Odysseus and when she learned from him what had happened to her son, she attacked Polymestor, tore out his eyes and killed his children. In some accounts, Ilione, sister of Polydorus, passed the youth off as her own son and saved his life at the expense of her son Deipylus who was killed by his own father. In another version, Polymestor took the boy to Troy and offered him back to Priam in exchange for Helen. When the offer was refused, Polymestor killed Polymedes. Occasionally identified as Polymestor, Polymester, Polymester, Polymnestor or Polymnestor.

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