Greek - A seer of Corinth. A servant of Minos. Father of Euchenor. Glaucus, son of Minos, was drowned in a vat of honey and Polyeidus was held to be responsible and locked in the room with the dead boy. He killed one of the two snakes that appeared but the second revived its mate with a magic herb. Polyeidus used the same herb to restore Glaucus to life, though some say that the boy was restored to life by Asclepius. Minos then made Polyeidus teach Glaucus the art of prophecy before he would allow him to leave Crete. This he did but, as he left, he made the boy spit into his mouth, so taking away all the powers he had acquired. It was he who advised Bellerophon to capture the horse Pegasus before attempting to kill the Chimaera. Referred to as Polyeidus, Polyidos, Polyidos, Polyidus or Polyidus.

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