French - Son of a count of Provence. He fell in love with Magdelona when he saw her picture and set out to win her hand by knightly deeds. Rather than marry suitors chosen by her parents, Magdelona eloped with Pierre, taking with her all her jewels, including the ring Pierre had given her. The bag containing the jewels was taken by a raven which dropped it into the sea and Pierre nearly lost his life in an effort to retrieve it. Magdelona, thinking that Pierre had deserted her, sailed to Provence where she established a hospital on an island, tending the poor and the sick. Pierre's parents were confirmed in their belief that their son was dead when his ring turned up in the belly of a fish served at their table. In fact, Pierre had been saved from drowning by a pirate-ship and sold to a sultan who treated him well and eventually set him free, giving him much wealth as a reward for faithful service. En route to Provence, Pierre was inadvertently stranded alone on an island and fell ill but was rescued by sailors who took him to Magdelona's hospital where he was reunited with his beloved whom he married. Occasionally called Pierre, Knight of the Silver Keys or Knight of the Silver Keys.

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