Greek - A nymph. A Thracian princess. Daughter of Sithon or Phylleus, king of Thrace. She was in love with Demophoon who had returned safely from the Trojan War but, when he left her to visit Athens, she killed herself, thinking that he would never return. She was turned into an almond tree. In some accounts, she married Demophoon; in others, she married his brother, Acamas, of whom a similar story is told. She is sometimes identified with Artemis Caryatis. Occasionally identified as Phyllis, Artemis, Artemis, Bear Goddess, Britomart, Irina, Kalliste, Lady of Wild Things, Mistress of the Griffins, Orthia, Orthria, Phoebe, sacred birds, Taurica, Upis, Agrotera, Aph(a)ea, Arcadia, Bear goddess, Brauronia, Britomart(is), Carmenta, Carnasia, Cranae(a), Cynthia, Delia, Dictynna, Elate, Korythalia, Locheia, Mistress of Animals, Mistress of Griffins, Orth(r)ia, Phoebe, Phosporos, Polyboea, Potnia, Theron, Selene, Tauropolos, Trivia, White Goddess, Irish Garbh Ogh, Roman Diana, Syrian Atargatis, Thracian Bendis, Euronyme, Artemis Caryatis or Artemis Caryatis.

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