Greek - Son of Athamas and Nephele or Themisto. Brother of Helle. Husband of Chalciope. Father of Argeus, Cytisorus, Melanion and Phrontis. His father's second wife, Ino, wanted Phrixus out of the way so that her own son could inherit the throne of Boeotia so she sabotaged the harvest and arranged for a message from the Delphic Oracle to say that only the sacrifice of Phrixus would secure the lifting of the plague. In another story, his aunt Biadice fell in love with him and cried rape when he rejected her advances. For one or other of these reasons, he was offered in sacrifice to Apollo by his father but was saved by Hermes and carried off with his sister on the back of a huge flying ram with a golden fleece, known as Chrysomallon, but Helle fell off into the sea (afterwards called the Hellespont) and was drowned. Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus in gratitude for his escape. The fleece was hung off a tree in Colchis where it was guarded by a serpent that never slept and later became the subject of the famous quest by Jason and the Argonauts. Phrixus married Chalciope, daughter of Aetes the king of Colchis, and, in some stories, was killed by Aetes who feared him as the stranger an oracle had prophesied would kill the king. In some lore, occasionally known as Phrixus, Phryxus or Phryxus.

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